Tuesday, 05 July 2016 13:23

2016 Quarter 1 - A Candidate's Market

Written by Clarice Hnilicka
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As 2016 proves to be a candidate-driven market in the staffing industry, there are several ways our clients can help TeamSoft sell their open positions. When candidates have control on where they want to go and what position they want to take, it is essential for recruiters and companies alike to provide as much information about the position and company as possible. Companies can particularly help in two ways: releasing detailed and job-specific descriptions and generating more open-dialogue during the interview process.

At TeamSoft, we see that candidates are much more interested in pursuing a position when they have specific information pertaining to the job and work environment. Generic requisition postings often leave the candidate wondering “What makes this position more interesting and appealing when compared to other similar options?” In TeamSoft’s experience, recruiters are able to generate candidate interest much earlier on in the process when there is a detailed and position-specific job description that includes information such as details about the project or how much one technology will be used compared to others.

In addition to more detailed job descriptions, companies can also help “lock-down” candidates by selling the candidate on the position and company during an interview. Not only allowing time for questions during an interview, but also providing information about the position, team, project, or company helps make the company and job more appealing to the candidate. In a candidate’s market, it is important to remember that not only is the company interviewing the candidate, but the candidate is interviewing the company as well.

With companies help to “make the sell,” TeamSoft’s goal is to continue providing our clients with top quality candidates who are committed to a position before an offer is even made.

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