Tuesday, 11 October 2016 15:17

2016 Quarter 3 - Direct Hire Placements

Written by Sarah Bomkamp
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There was a time when staffing vendors were mostly sought out for help in filling contract job openings, but that trend has changed in recent years. At TeamSoft, we have seen both a higher demand and a higher success rate than years past while working on direct hire job openings for our clients.

TeamSoft has an excellent pipeline of candidates that are only interested in full time/ direct hire opportunities. In the last two years, we have made successful direct hire placements in both the technical and functional IT and business space for our clients, including PMs, BAs, Architects, Developers, Network Engineers, and Management level positions.

Now you may ask yourself, “What is the value in using a staffing firm such as TeamSoft when hiring direct placement candidates?” By far, the most valuable aspect in using a staffing partner such as TeamSoft would be the cost benefit. When you use a vendor instead of internal staffing you are saving on sourcing costs, interviewing costs, testing costs and the cost of time. TeamSoft conducts a thorough vetting process for our candidates, which also reduces the potential for a bad hire, which could cost your company more time, money, and resources. It is a significant investment of money and resources to internally implement a hiring process. By utilizing TeamSoft, these costs are greatly reduced, or sometimes eliminated altogether. Not only does this save your money, but it allows you to focus your time and resources on the core aspects of your business, while we manage your search for top notch candidates. At TeamSoft, we spend every day talking with top-notch candidates and vetting them for job opportunities with our clients. Why not utilize our deep connections and expertise to make your direct hiring process easier for your company?

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