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2014 Quarter 3 - Quick Turnarounds

Written by Brittany Gerovac
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Most hiring managers need productive contractors with the right skill sets to fill key positions within their organizations. But what enables a manager to be successful in their acquisition of qualified talent? At TeamSoft, we see that hiring managers who consistently transform qualified candidates into valued contractors practice the art of the quick turnaround.

Successful hiring managers begin by understanding time is of the essence when it comes to recruiting talent. They recognize that with IT job demand as high as it is, delays and inaction in the hiring process can cause missed opportunities. Prior to releasing a position for recruitment, successful hiring managers ensure all parties within the organization are ready to bring the resource onto the team. According to our own TeamSoft research, the average time it takes to engage a contractor, from requisition inception to the position being filled, is just under 20 days. An article published in Personnel Psychology concluded that job seekers are more likely to accept employment offers made earlier in the company’s hiring process than later (Becker, Connolly, and Slaughter).

Successful hiring managers stay engaged with the requirement from day to day and review resumes immediately. They promptly reach out to each candidate to arrange an initial phone or video interview, before moving on to an in person meeting. Once a candidate is engaged in the interview process, they are more likely to stay committed and to see an opportunity to the finish.

After successful hiring managers identify a potential contractor, they extend the offer as quickly as possible. From there, the vendor can impose a deadline for the candidate to make a final decision. Lastly, successful hiring managers on-board a contractor as soon as possible. A longer process risks having a contractor hear back from another company that may have been an option for them. Once a contractor commits to an organization, they begin to understand their impact and cultural fit. Hiring managers who understand the importance of an efficient recruiting process have the ability to increase the likelihood of securing a quality contractor and can gain a significant competitive advantage in the labor market.

Demand by Super Group 2014 Q3

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