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2015 Quarter 1 - Spotlight Calls

Written by Brittany Gerovac
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When it comes to working on a job requisition for a client, a job description can never contain too much detail. However, a well-written, detailed job description only tells part of the story. There are aspects of every job that are typically left out of most job descriptions and that can be best told by the hiring manager for a given job requisition. Because of this, TeamSoft is a proponent of client hiring managers that hold conference calls with vendors upon release of a new requisition. It is not necessary to hold a conference call for recently released repeat positions. We have seen an upswing in this model recently and it pays huge dividends to all parties involved in the recruitment and hiring process. 

Typically, a conference call for a new requisition can be done in 15 minutes or less. One of the biggest benefits of the conference call is that all vendors can hear exactly what the hiring manager is looking for in a candidate. Vendors are typically allowed to ask questions directly to the hiring manager. The hiring manager can answer a question once and all vendors will hear the same response, saving the manager from having to answer the same question multiple times. It also levels the playing field for vendors as they are all receiving the same information at the same time.

When vendors know all of the specifics for a given requisition (the skill set needed, an accurate pay range, interview process, when the hiring manager needs a candidate to start, must have skills vs. nice-to-have skills, etc.), it makes the recruiting process much easier and it gives candidates confidence when a Recruiter can answer all of their questions. Ultimately, the goal is to deliver the best candidate on the first submittal. In the end, it saves all parties involved a great deal of time and the hiring manager wins by getting a quality candidate in a timely manner.

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