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2015 Quarter 3 - Client Feedback

Written by Brittany Gerovac
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Interview and resume feedback is not something that all clients provide, but nearly all successful hiring managers do. That’s because feedback plays a crucial part in the hiring process for the candidate, the vendor, and the client.

How to give feedback and what to say about a candidate who is being passed over can seem hard. Try these simple approaches the next time you provide feedback:

  • Simply tell the truth. Do not downplay the reasons why a candidate wasn’t selected.
  • Keep your feedback as clear as possible. This will to help all parties to create actionable to-do items for future improvement.
  • Keep feedback factual and steer away from opinions and feelings.
  • Connect your feedback to the job description.
  • Provide specific examples of desired key experiences, skills, or behaviors.
  • Suggest future areas in which a candidate can improve or relevant certifications to obtain.
  • And sometimes it’s appropriate to say there were simply stronger applicants with more experience and knowledge in specific areas.

TeamSoft encourages hiring manager feedback because of the value it brings to everyone. Your candid feedback with simple, solid reasons, and suggestions will not only benefit candidates and their vendors, but most of all you.

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