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Tuesday, 31 March 2020 11:28

COVID-19 Update

TeamSoft COVID 19 Update Blog

COVID-19 Update: TeamSoft is doing its part to ensure the health and safety of its employees, families, and communities throughout this challenging time.

As a vital bridge between individuals looking for work and our customers who have available positions within their companies, we are aware of the impact a pandemic like COVID-19 plays on our ability to connect these two parties. We are following all government mandates, maintaining social distancing, and observing the CDC and WHO recommendations for health and safety protocol.

People are our priority. They are the lifeblood of our company, so we will continue to do what is best to ensure their wellbeing.

As changes develop and we hear more from these various organizations, we will continue to provide updates on changes and effects it plays on our company.

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Thursday, 07 May 2020 15:06

COVID-19: We Continue to Serve

TeamSoft Continue to Serve COVID Blog

As the government begins to lift stay at home orders allowing some companies to come back online, we expect to see a dramatic increase in the need for workers to fill openings created by COVID-19 fueled layoffs.

Each branch has a plan in place to maximize safety for both our employees and our applicants. We will follow the social distancing protocol, implement stricter cleaning measures, and use PPE. We will limit the number of people allowed in each branch and we recommend calling before you arrive to ensure you can be seen promptly.

Thank you for sticking with us through these difficult times. They have proven our determination and resolve as a community to be stronger than we could have ever imagined. We look forward to seeing you and helping connect you with an opportunity that meets your needs.

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Coronavirus Blog

All of us are adapting to the changes and disruptions caused by the social distancing initiatives we are taking to combat the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Please know that the entire team at TeamSoft continues to be completely dialed-in and open for business, virtually or otherwise, during these challenging times. We know the time, cost and commitment it takes to recruit and hire top talent into your organizations. Our most strategic clients are taking this opportunity to further dedicate themselves to this endeavor as the changes in their daily work schedules are offering them more time and focus to strategically enhance their existing teams. Now and in the foreseeable future, TeamSoft is offering all of our clients, virtual interviewing tools. Our technology is incredibly easy to use for both candidates and clients to conduct interviews remotely using any device with an internet connection. Please contact your Account Manager at TeamSoft directly and we will provide you the information and access you need to maintain your highest level of productivity for your business. Thank you for placing your trust with TeamSoft. As always, we are here for you and are committed to providing you the talented employees you need to run and grow your business.

Thank you,

Jay Reid, CEO

Tara Burns, COO


Todos nos estamos adaptando a los cambios e interrupciones causados por las iniciativas de distanciamiento social, medidas que estamos implementando para combatir la propagación del Coronavirus (COVID-19). Por favor tenga en cuenta que todo el equipo de TeamSoft continua completamente conectado y abierto para negocios, incluyendo de manera virtual, durante estos tiempos difíciles. Sabemos el tiempo, costo y compromiso que require reclutar y contratar los mejores talentos para sus organizaciones. Nuestros clientes más estratégicos están aprovechando esta oportunidad para dedicar más esfuerzos, ya que los cambios en sus horarios de trabajo les estan ofreciedo más tiempo para estrategicamente mejorar sus equipos existentes. Ahora y en el futuro previsible, TeamSoft está ofreciendo herramientas de entrevista virtual a todos nuestros clientes. Nuestra tecnología es increíblemente fácil de utilizar, tanto para candidatos como para compañias, para realizar entrevistas de forma remota utilizando cualquier dispositivo con conexión a Internet. Por favor contacte directamente a su Manejador de Cuenta en TeamSoft y le proporcionaremos la información y acceso necesario para que su compañia pueda mantener el nivel más alto de productividad. Gracias por confiar en TeamSoft. Como siempre, estamos aquí para usted y seguimos comprometidos con proveerle los empleados talentodos que necesita para administrar y crecer su empresa.


Jay Reid, CEO

Tara Burns, COO

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