Spotlight Jobs

Peoplelink, LLC based in South Bend, Indiana, is seeking computer professionals for the following positions:

Systems Architect - Analyze, design, develop, troubleshoot, and test major computer information systems using ASP.NET, Visual Studio, Oracle, PL/SQL Java Script; interact with management and end-users to understand functionality needs and requirements to factor into system architecture. 24 months experience must include ASP.NET, Oracle and Visual Studio. Current placement is in Madison, WI. Current long-term project client permits telecommuting within the U.S. but unanticipated future client sites may not and would require relocation.

Java Developer – Design, develop, test and implement front-end web applications using HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Ajax and jQuery; develop and implement web services in SOAP using WSDL. 24 months experience must include JavaScript, HTML and SOAP. Current placement is in Chelsea, MA.

Oracle Developer – Design, develop, and configure software systems to meet market and client requirements from analysis, design, implementation, and quality assurance, to delivery and maintenance using Java/J2EE, Oracle, Spring, Struts, SQL, PL/SQL, Adobe designer, and Web Services; write functions; complete SQL queries/procedures and triggers using advanced database systems concepts and complex algorithms; 24 months experience must include Java/J2EE, Oracle, Struts, SQL, PL/SQL and Web Services. Current placement is in Rancho Cordova, CA.

Java Developer – Design, develop, test and implement high-performance web applications using Java, Spring MVC, and Oracle and implement web services using RESTful. 24 months experience must include Java, Oracle and RESTful. Current long-term placement is in Rancho Cordova, CA.

All positions require a Master’s degree, or foreign equivalent, in Computer Science or related field and a willingness to relocate to unanticipated client work sites through the U.S. upon completion of current projects or as needed by the Company. Telecommuting may be permitted when long-term placement allows. Email resumes to Jamie Kiesch, Director of Human Resources, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..