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Employer of Record Solutions
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When you choose to work with TeamSoft as your talent acquisition partner, we become the official Employer of Record (EOR) for specific employees. By utilizing our EOR solutions, your company can realize significant cost savings, reduce liability, and keep internal headcount at manageable levels.

What Is Employer of Record?

An Employer of Record enables companies to employ candidates through TeamSoft. We will hire these candidates as one of our own employees and become the official EOR for those candidates. As the EOR, TeamSoft takes full responsibility for issuing payroll checks, submitting taxes, and providing workers' compensation insurance and general liability coverage for these candidates.

The Benefits of Utilizing an Employer of Record

Multi-state employment law compliance
Direct deposit for W-2 employees
Employment eligibility (I-9)
Risk management (co-employment)
Employee expense reimbursement
Background screening verification
Unemployment insurance
Workers compensation insurance
Accurate billing of overtime for non-exempt employees
General and professional liability insurance
Back-end office support
Comprehensive employee health benefits that comply with government regulations

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placed well over

consultants across
the United States.

The TeamSoft Difference

TeamSoft was founded in 1996 by four IT professionals who had a united mission to link businesses with highly-motivated experts in the tech industry. TeamSoft has over 75 years of consulting experience and has successfully placed over 2,500 candidates across the United States. Since day one, we have built long-lasting relationships with our clients and candidates to ensure the perfect fit.

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TeamSoft Can Link You with Industry Professionals

At TeamSoft, our mission is simple: to be the link between business, technology, and talent. We are proud to have successfully assisted our clients and candidates in their efforts to find the perfect fit. Contact our team today to find the right solution for your needs.
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