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3 Ways Working with a Technical Recruiter can Advance Your IT Career

IT professionals are an ambitious group of people and with the job market more competitive than ever, great IT career and job opportunities are becoming harder to find. Employers are looking for talented individuals with specific skills and knowledge to join their team, and they are becoming more selective every day. If you are in the job market or if you already have a job and are looking for a new opportunity, working with a technical recruiter may be the best route to advance your career.

It’s clear that more and more IT professionals are choosing to work with recruiters while searching for a new job. In fact, the American Staffing Association reported that the staffing, recruiting, and workforce industry provides more than 14 million employment opportunities per year in the U.S. alone!

So what are some of the ways that a technical recruiter can help advance your career?

1. Knowledge of the Job Market

IT recruiters are the best source for information of technical jobs in your area. They know which companies are growing, the upcoming projects at businesses, and common industry knowledge. They are also very insightful of company cultures so you know what to expect going into an interview or the first day on the job. In addition to knowledge of the market, they know the vast majority of job openings in the area (even the hidden job opportunities that are not posted on company websites and job boards).

2. Career Coaching

Recruiters can also offer insights into how to break into different industries, what upcoming IT certifications and tools you should be refreshing or gaining knowledge in, and what the next best steps in your career that you should be taking. They work with many IT professional every day and are constantly being trained and informed on what different companies, industries, and employers are looking for in a candidate.

3. Resume/Interview Prep and Feedback

In addition to career coaching, recruiters can help you prep and give feedback on your resume and the job interview. They know what hiring managers at companies are looking for in a candidate and they also know some of the common interview questions that specific companies or managers will ask. They can also help structure your resume to make sure you are including all of the important information and that you are leaving off anything irrelevant that will add to the clutter other candidates send in. Lastly, they are by your side even after the job interview. If you aren’t asked back for a second interview or are denied a job offer, they often are given feedback on the reason why you didn’t get a job so you can take that information and apply it to future interviews.

While recruiters can help find and coach you for a job interview, it is ultimately your responsibility to be prepared for when you meet with the hiring manager. TeamSoft has many recruiters with a vast range of knowledge in different industries, locations, and a wide variety of skill sets. If you are interested in starting your job search and working with TeamSoft, send us your resume to get in contact with one of our expert recruiters!