Nerdist podcast


Are you the kind of person who gets home from a long day of work and doesn’t want to do anything but sprawl across your bed for a moment… or an hour? I will be the first to confess that this activity, or lack thereof, is much needed a couple of times a week.

When the thought of lying down for anything more than 20 minutes crosses my mind, however, I end up feeling guilty. Guilty of laziness, of inaction, of being a victim of the work-world gravity that puts me in lounge mode for a bit too long.

I’ve found something that turns this lethargy into a moment in which I can educate myself, though. I can relax, yet learn something new at the same time. Cool, ay? This thing I’m referring to is podcasts. Particularly, podcasts hosted by Chris Hardwick at You see, Chris is one of those guys that does everything considered to be “cool.” He hosts The Talking Dead (commentary that airs after TV show, The Walking Dead), Talking Bad (commentary that airs after TV show, Breaking Bad), and creator of the (hub for nerd news). Visit and select the PODCASTS tab. Chris has interviews with hundreds of innovators, actors, scientists, etc. Chances are you’ll find someone you wish you could talk to about something you wish you could talk to them about, and Chris has that very talk. Do yourself a favor and, when you get home feeling like the universe just pinched your every pressure point, lie down on your favorite piece of¬†furniture and listen to a podcast. I have attached a really interesting one to start you on your, perchance, new habit.

Lounge, listen, and feel guilty no more.