screenshot of webpage showing Cube Rulez career advice

Career Advice for Cubicle Warriors

The internet never ceases to amaze me. Case in point: I bought a bowtie recently that is double sided. Stripes on one side, polka dots on the other. I wanted to tie it in a way that allowed only one pattern to be visible, which is actually quite difficult when you’re midway through tying your double-sided bowtie and one bow is one pattern and the other bow is the other pattern. Frustrating. There are real problems in the world, I know. I looked up a video on how to tie a bowtie like this online and it was right there in front of me within a second. My larger point: Use the internet; learn on the internet.

One tool (on the internet, of course) is the blog. A bit of knowledge followed by other little bits of knowledge all intertwined to give you the benefits of trial and error without having to go through the grueling process yourself (especially when tying a bowtie). I came across a blog recently when getting to know a consultant of ours, Mr. Scot Herrick. Scot has been working with TeamSoft for nearly a year now and has a plethora of accessible, tried and true knowledge from his years of experience in the IT and business industries. His website,, has a blog, interviews, podcasts and even a self-help book that he authored called: “I’ve Landed My Dream Job – Now What???” Each avenue on his website features a different lesson targeted at all demographics in the work world.

If you’re new to the IT consulting field, curious as to how to live project-to-project, or even a veteran with a willingness to learn a bit more, visit Scot’s website, read, listen and feel grateful for what’s at your fingertips.