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Former TeamSoft Consultant Publishes Book

Former TeamSoft consultant Anthony Hohenbrink can now add published author to his list of accomplishments. He recently wrote a book titled, “Calculus.Net: Basic Calculus Techniques with the .Net Framework.”

Anthony started as an astronomer, so his university days were steeped in mathematics. When a client had a statistical reporting system that needed to be modernized, he was an easy choice. The book grew out of the system documentation and training materials he wrote after spending over a year reverse-engineering arcane calculations and rewriting them into C#.

“Calculus crops up frequently in business applications, particularly those to do with statistics and accounting,” said Anthony. “But when developers are confronted with a numerical analysis problem they often do not know how to proceed and they don’t even recognize the problem as something that can be addressed with calculus.” The book walks through some of the basic techniques of numerical analysis and how they can be implemented in C# code, such as finding the limits and roots of functions, taking derivatives, evaluating integrals, and calculating sequences.

Congratulations to Anthony on this great accomplishment!