well-dressed man sitting in sewing shop

“Holy Jackets”

I’m an admirer of tailored clothing, fitted suits, weathered shoes, and, in general, clothing with a sense of character. This kind of admiration isn’t held by everyone, but you know “dapper” and you know nice clothing when you see it. I came across a video called “Holy Jackets” while doing a little online shopping for some dress clothes. This video focused on fine suiting and the idea that a suit is like a second skin; a vehicle for putting your best qualities on the front line. I, however, saw this video as a kind of metaphor for account service and our TeamSoft philosophy as a whole.

The video begins with a nicely dressed, savvy, old, Italian suit maker stating, “Today, there is no more attention to fine tailoring. Today, people care about not spending too much money. They wear clothes for six months and then they get rid of them.” I realized this is true in many arenas. It doesn’t just apply to clothing. The old man begins to take a razor to some fabric as to initiate the tailoring of a new suit.

At TeamSoft, we have the same sentiment in the back of our minds as we choose our candidates. We understand that a candidate could be just about anyone working in the IT field, but we, too, know that “there is [a lack of] attention to fine tailoring” nowadays when it comes to providing solid, vetted IT consultants. We take the time it takes when putting a consultant on a project. In fact, we go through an in depth screening process that we have taken a razor to; doctored and tested ourselves over the course of 17 years to ensure the greatest degree of success. We care about our investments enough to know that, like a fine suit, 6 months is hardly the amount of time we want to spend with them. Some of our consultants have been with us for over 10 years. We believe in commitment and longevity. Our consultants, fine tailored and cared for like your favorite suit, put TeamSoft’s best qualities on the front line because that’s exactly what they are.