Athletetes with disabilities on bikes in a race

TCGC Sponsors Junior Nationals Event

This summer TeamSoft’s Charitable Giving Committee helped sponsor the Adaptive Sports USA Junior Nationals. The Junior Nationals is the oldest continuously held competitive sports event for junior athletes (ages 7 to 22) with physical disabilities in North America. This year it took place in Middleton, WI with 256 registrants from 34 states competing in track and field, archery, swimming, powerlifting, air guns, table tennis, and the ParaTriathlon.

The Junior Nationals represents much more than a sporting event to the athletes, families, and friends that attend. It provides the participants an opportunity to compete in a sport like their siblings and classmates. It provides motivation to engage in an active lifestyle despite a physical disability. The Junior Nationals event also provides a platform to develop independence, self-esteem, and confidence. As with their non-disabled peers, participation in competitive sports has been shown to be a strong indicator of future success in education, career, and life.

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