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TeamSoft and Isthmus Madison – TeamWork

There’s something to be said about teamwork. Maybe that it is inherent in good project results, or that it’s necessary for credibility’s sake. At least these sentiments come to mind when thinking about a credible, newsworthy written piece of work.

TeamSoft recently collaborated with local Madison paper, the Isthmus. Just by chance, freelance Isthmus writer, Marc Eisen, had a piece he was working on about the scarcity of females in the Information Technology field. Luckily, a phone call to the Isthmus in an effort to boost TeamSoft exposure allowed us the pleasure of providing Eisen with a few female insights on the issue from TeamSoft Business Analyst, Julie Schultz. Teamwork! Yeah!

After reading the article, there’s a definite problem identified: There is a shortage of women working in the IT field, but there’s really not an identifiable solution to the problem. There are a ton of efforts to bring about change, but the problem still lingers. One of these problems being that there no female role models knocking down IT frontiers. So, we must look at the women already working in IT. Kudos to Julie Schultz for helping identify the reasons as to why there’s a shortage, while working within the minority who are fighting to make that shortage less of one. If there are role models, let’s point to the women who are currently working in a field dominated by testosterone.

At the end of the article, I felt relieved in that we’re headed in the right direction. One of the solutions to this problem is to expose young women, in their early stages of schooling, to IT and its vast opportunity for growth as they age. To that effect, TeamSoft contributed to a solution. Last year we donated money to Hamilton Middle School toward their purchase of new wireless computer mice. It’s great to know that we were able to help expose students, especially young female students, to devices that are helping shape today’s IT industry.

A big thanks to Julie Schultz, Marc Eisen, the Isthmus, and to those who make TeamSoft a possibility. TeamWork!

Enjoy the article: