coworkers holding bows and arrows in an archery class together

TeamSoft Sponsors Archery Class for Employees

TeamSoft had an amazing time at our archery event at Blackhawk Bowhunters Club which took place July 19th! Everyone got a chance to learn the basics of the sport, as well as many helpful tips and techniques. The instructors guided everyone through the entire process, from finding each person’s dominant eye for shooting left or right sided, to teaching the 11 steps to archery success (stance, nock, draw handset, bow handset, pre-draw, draw, anchor, aim, shot set-up, release, follow through/reflect), to walking along the line and helping us all with our technique as we practiced shooting on the range. It quickly became apparent how much upper body strength and concentration is tested in this sport, and that it’s a great activity to help expand on these aspects. The instructors informed participants that they compressed what usually takes about 10 weeks of learning into one night. We have a group of regular Robin Hoods on our hands, now!