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4 Reasons Why a Resume Cover Letter Is an Excellent Way to Position Your Experience in the IT Field

Submitting a cover letter with your resume increases your odds of being contacted for an interview. You can use your cover letter to showcase your skills and experience, expand on your resume, explain any gaps in employment, or share your desire for a career change. When you demonstrate why you are the best match for a position, the hiring manager will likely want to meet with you.

Discover four ways submitting your resume with a cover letter detailing your IT experience can lead to an interview.

1. Highlight Your Qualifications

Your cover letter provides an introduction to the value you have to offer an employer. Choose three to five of the top requirements in the job description, then provide specific examples of how you resolved these pain points for previous employers. Include the measurable results you attained and how you’ll deliver similar results for your next employer.

2. Elaborate On Your Resume

Your cover letter serves as a bridge between your resume and the hiring manager. Demonstrate that you understand the organization’s values and how you can resolve some of the hiring manager’s biggest issues. Suggest concrete ways you would take action to overcome specific problems they are facing.

3. Fill in Employment Gaps

Maybe you wanted to raise children, were downsized, or relocated because of your spouse’s transfer. Briefly share the circumstances that led you away from full-time employment. Use a positive tone to describe the skills you gained during your time away.

4. Explain a Career Change

If you are changing careers within the IT industry, explain your reasons for the shift and qualifications pertaining to the new field. Mention what motivated you to change direction. Share information on the field-related books you have been reading and the classes you have taken to gain knowledge in the new area. Provide details on what you have learned and what you aim to accomplish that align with the new employer’s objectives. Emphasize your transferrable skills, including soft skills such as communication, leadership, and critical thinking, as well as hard skills relevant to your new field.

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