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6 Ways to Show Appreciation to Your Employees

6 Ways to Show Appreciation to Your Employees

Employee appreciation is a vital part of maintaining a cohesive team. It builds trust and increases engagement and productivity. Expressing gratitude for your team also increases employee attraction and retention. Knowing you care about your staff boosts your reputation as an employer of choice, which can reduce the amount of time and money needed for recruitment.

Implement any of these six ways to express appreciation for your staff.

Set Up A Gamification System

Offer tasks to your team with a point value assigned to each. When a task is finished, the employee receives the point value. Each staff member can redeem their points through a corporate rewards portal. Awards may be an additional vacation day, a day to work remotely, a company-paid continuing education opportunity, or another desirable prize.

Write Thank-You Notes

Give your team members hand-written thank-you notes for significant accomplishments. Be specific about what your employee achieved and the effort it took. Mention how the achievement benefitted the company. Thank your staff member for their continued hard work.

Recognize Your Employees On Social Media

Post on social media when your team members have a birthday or work anniversary. Include a photo and a recent accomplishment that shows their contribution to the organization or share an interesting fact that their coworkers may not know.

Offer Financial Incentives

Your team members always appreciate a bonus, pay increase, or work perk. These incentives may include additional vacation days, a quarterly or end-of-year bonus, a raise, or a promotion. Clarify the work that led to the reward, and encourage your employee to repeat their performance for further rewards.

Sponsor Volunteer Opportunities

Set up a day for your team to volunteer at a local charity they support or provide a day off for individual staff members to participate in a charitable event that is important to them. Alternatively, give a significant donation to a charity of an employee’s choice. Your staff will feel good giving back to the community.

Give Rewards During Your Busy Season

Use an email program to award virtual cash to your team members who go above and beyond during your busy season. Include a description of why your staff member is being recognized and how much virtual cash they earned for their positive actions. Your employees can redeem their virtual cash for a gift card at any time during the busy season. Share the deposits and accomplishments during the weekly meetings with leadership to promote morale.

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