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How Research Can Help You Streamline Your Job Search

Researching potential employers is an essential part of your job search. Finding out all you can about a company is necessary to help you decide whether you want to work there. Knowing which opportunities best fit your qualifications, needs, and interests narrows the number of jobs you apply for. Applying for the best opportunities saves time and effort during your search.

Follow these tips to research companies when finding your next job.

Visit Company Websites

Study each employer’s website to get a feel for their culture, company health, and direction. See whether their mission, vision, and values align with yours. Determine whether you can visualize yourself happily working with the team members in the photos and videos.

Check Social Media Accounts

Visit each company’s social pages to see what type of content they post. Determine the audiences they engage with and the comments they receive. Pay attention to each employer’s tone, professionalism, and branding. Does it seem like the kind of work environment you would feel comfortable in?

Review Press Releases

Find out what kind of messages or news each company is promoting. See what they prioritize and want the public to know about. Review each organization’s recent achievements and what they are most proud of. You can use this information as talking points during interviews.

Read Employer Reviews

See what current and former employees have to say about the company. Find out what the organization’s professional reputation is like. Gain a sense of how things work and what the biggest strengths and weaknesses are. Use this insight to determine whether you want to be a part of the company.

Scan Leaders’ Biographies

Use leaders’ social platforms, news articles, and published works to see what they stand for. Determine what the leaders see as the organization’s top priorities and goals and how they set the tone for company culture. Find out what the leaders’ professional philosophies are and whether their vision and leadership styles align with the work environment you want. Think about whether you would thrive working with them.

Contact Employees

Use LinkedIn to reach out to staff members of employers you want to work for. Find out what company culture is like. Ask what employees like most and least about their jobs. Determine how well you would fit in with the organization.

Gain Insight From a Recruiter

Work with a recruiter from TeamSoft to find out more about potential employers. Submit your resume today.