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Job Seekers Are Looking for More than Pay – Other Benefits To Highlight in Your Job Descriptions

Working for a small business may make it difficult to offer employees high salaries or expensive benefits. Fortunately, you may be able to provide attractive perks that encourage talent to work for you. Check out these ideas for perks to add to your total compensation package.

Attractive Culture

Spell out your company’s top priorities. Having a company mission, vision, and values that align with candidates encourages them to work for your organization. Job seekers want to know what sets your company apart from the competition. They also want to see how leadership and employees interact and promote advancement within the organization.

Remote or Hybrid Work

Offer remote or hybrid work. Most candidates want to work from home at least part of the week. Because many have been doing so during the pandemic, they have the necessary tools and technology in place. Job seekers also understand which methods for holding meetings, collaborating, and communicating with managers and coworkers work best.

Flexible Schedule

Provide the option of a flexible schedule. The ability to begin and end work according to individual needs is attractive. Employees can save time on their morning and evening commute by planning it around rush hour. A benefit of this ismore time spent working rather than getting to the office. Staff also can fit in personal needs around their professional responsibilities. The ability to take part in kids’ school activities, run errands, and go to appointments during the week contributes to greater work-life integration, lowering stress, and reducing burnout.

Wellness Programs

Offer an employee wellness program. Employee well-being is becoming a higher priority than ever before. Candidates look for employers who offer access to mental health support, counseling, and related services. Reimbursement for at-home fitness programs and healthy snacks is important as well.

Professional Development

Provide reimbursement for training and development activities. Reimbursement for job-related learning and development is attractive to candidates. They appreciate the ability to participate in industry seminars, conferences, and professional associations. Many job seekers also want their employer to cover subscriptions to trade magazines, books on leadership, or costs for certification or licensing. The more education, skills, and training they gain, the more valuable they are to employers.

Employee Recognition

Develop an employee recognition program. Candidates seek acknowledgment and rewards for their contributions. They expect their results to be privately and publicly appreciated. Job seekers also want bonuses, raises, and promotions based on their performance. They want to feel appreciated and valued for their efforts.

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