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Proven Ways IT Managers Can Create a Positive Team Culture

In your role as IT manager, you are responsible for monitoring your team members’ performance and interactions. The better they work individually and collaboratively, the more effective your team is at reaching company goals. One of the best ways to meet this objective is by promoting a positive team culture. The more cohesive your team is, the more engaged and productive your employees will be.

Discover four methods to cultivate a positive culture for your IT team.

Define Work Hours

Your team members should not have to work every hour of every day. They need time away to engage in personal responsibilities and activities that interest them. This means setting boundaries for work hours and not allowing them to call, email, text, or finish tasks during non-work hours. Your employees should come back the next day rested, recharged, and ready to produce.

Emphasize Mental Health

Your employees need to stay mentally healthy to remain engaged and productive. Taking on too much work or having trouble integrating their personal and professional responsibilities can increase stress, anxiety, and burnout. Regularly talking with your team about their mental health encourages them to open up about their challenges. Active listening and providing support and resources show you care about their well-being. Employees who feel valued and respected perform better and remain with the company longer.

Promote Innovation

Regularly meet with your team to talk about their ideas for solving company problems. Empower them to work individually and collaboratively to develop and implement the best ideas. Regularly check in to monitor each employee’s progress, answer questions, and provide feedback. Find out what they learn when things do not work out. Ask how they plan to alter their approach to achieve the desired results.

Encourage Feedback

Providing real-time feedback facilitates your team members improvement of their performance. Meet with everyone to discuss the importance of giving and implementing constructive feedback to improve day-to-day operations. Create standards for sharing feedback, talking about the issues, and implementing what is learned. Emphasize that the goal is to get better results through respectful conversations with specific examples of behavior, their impact, and suggested ways to improve. Encourage your employees to ask questions for clarification, summarize what they hear, and share what they will do differently going forward.

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