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The Most Common Job-Seeking Advice You Should Ignore

When you begin a job search, you’re likely barraged with unsolicited advice about what you need to do to make yourself more hirable. It might be as helpful as your mentor giving you insider input or as disastrous as your parents advising you from their own career experience. Everyone wants to help, but not everyone gets it right.

As the workforce has evolved, so has the hiring process. Some of the suggestions from generations past no longer give you an edge as you seek out employment. Instead of listening to everything, here are some of the most common job-seeking tips you should ignore.

“Keep your resume to one page”

Now, this doesn’t mean you should expand just because you can, but it’s important to remember you don’t have to use the smallest font sizes to make it fit. Recruiters are more interested in a relevant, thorough, and readable resume than information so small you need a magnifying glass. The best advice is to use your best judgment based on your field and level of experience. Think about it from the company’s perspective and decide if it’s something they need to know or not.

“Stay at least two years at your job before leaving”

The advent of millennials in the workplace changed the game when it came to how long they stayed at a job. Studies show they move jobs an average of four times in the first 10 years after college, doubling how Gen Xers behaved. While older generations fear the perception of being unreliable and disloyal, younger generations know it’s the key to advancing. With this expectation gone, there isn’t a magic formula that indicates how long you need to stay at a job to erase any thoughts that you’re flakey. Instead, you need to trust your aspirations and remember there’s no law telling you to stay at a job that makes you unhappy.

“Apply everywhere to increase your chances”

Anyone who’s tried this method can confirm it’s exhausting and not especially fruitful. Before, finding a new job used to be about blasting your resume everywhere and hoping to get noticed. Now, it’s much more of a seeker’s game. Rather than getting burnt out on applying, it’s better to select jobs at companies you want to work for. Make a list of where you’d like to go and dedicate your search to making it a reality. Not only is this targeted seeking better for your stress, but it will also help land you in a better job situation.

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