mug next to laptop showing coworkers in a virtual meeting

Virtual Adaptation – Managing Your Remote Tech Team

When the majority of the American workforce moved to working from home, IT staff were critical in enabling companies to function virtually. This was especially challenging considering, in many cases, they had to get their team set up while determining a system for themselves. Now that you are a few months in, you may be looking more into how to adapt to virtual needs and ways to manage your tech team remotely. Consider these ideas below.

Providing the necessary equipment

One of the best ways to support your tech team is to provide them with everything they need. As time has passed, they may have realized there is additional technology required, and in providing it, you are helping them work to maximum capacity. Plus, asking what they need is a great way to learn more about their projects and workload, as well as what you can do to assist.

Implementing new video software

The need for high-quality video software has never been clearer, especially when considering meeting with your own team. You want the best virtual meeting experience, which may involve work to get it set up and room in the budget for purchasing. Work with your IT team to learn their thoughts about the best options so you can achieve the optimum virtual meeting experience. Once in place, learn the new software with them and use it as a way to stay connected and engaged, so they do not feel lost in their own virtual world.

Monitoring their productivity

With working from home continuing for months, companies are looking into software that allows you to monitor the productivity of your team. Different ways of tracking include keystrokes, time away from their computer, active time logged in, and more. This is not a consideration for all, as some companies view the output of their team as evidence of their productivity, but for those who prefer more concrete information, this is an option on the table.

Checking in with their mental health

Managing is primarily focused on their work, but do not forget to check in about your tech team’s mental health as well. By regularly asking, you are keeping a pulse on where they are and showing them you care. In doing this, you can monitor changes in both their attitude and productivity. These are challenging times for many, and you do not want to overlook the emotional aspects of the pandemic as well as the work changes.

Hire the best IT talent for your team

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